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"A statesman is a dead politician. Lord knows we need more statemen." — Opus
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  • To the extent that I am notable and quotable, here are a few nods in my direction.

    “Politicians, pundits and political players have grown comfortable yelling ‘treason’ in each other’s faces,” worries Reason’s J.D. Tuccille, and “that’s a problem.”
    -- New York Post, 10/1/2019

    "Many arms of government are unpopular with large swathes of the American people," J.D. Tuccille writes at Reason, "and people are not shy about expressing their contempt."
    -- New York Post, 9/19/2019

    "Given the abuses both in the past and present, contributing editor J.D. Tuccille at Reason is right to ask why we should take one 'hell of a leap of faith' in federal law enforcement agencies that have not 'earned reputations for restraint and good judgement.'"
    -- Above The Law, 8/13/2019

    "But making domestic terrorism a federal crime is a 'very bad idea that's bound to threaten liberty more than it hampers terrorists,' warns J.D. Tuccille in Reason."
    -- The New York Post, 8/8/2019

    "Over at Reason, J.D. Tuccille suggests that 'better smugglers' are the best way to fight Trump’s draconian border policy."
    -- The Federalist, 6/26/2018

    "Make no mistake: the future of the First Amendment hangs in the balance as never before... J.D. Tuccille authored the article. He is a former managing editor of Reason.com and current contributing editor."
    -- First Amendment Encyclopedia, 5/22/2018

    "An even more worrisome example of censorship by proxy has occurred in New York, as Reason’s J.D. Tuccille reported a few days ago. Gov. Andrew Cuomo directed bank regulators to scrutinize whether any business relationship the financial institutions might have with the NRA 'sends the wrong message.'"
    -- Richmond Times-Dispatch, 5/8/2018

    "Knives and guns, Tuccille points out, can be used by criminals but they can also be used defensively by law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. Knives are also quite useful. Like me, you very likely use one quite harmlessly at mealtimes."
    -- Independent Women's Forum, 4/27/2018

    "Politicians in the United Kingdom are engaging in useless efforts to restrict knives, Reason contributing editor J.D. Tuccille wrote in a column."
    -- Newsmax, 4/24/2018

    "Reason’s J.D. Tuccille writes that the Internal Revenue Service has an 'impressive history … of storing [data] carelessly, leaking data through every possible conduit, and hiring employees who appear to only marginally prefer a career in tax collection over knocking over liquor stores.'"
    -- Patriot Post, 4/18/2018

    "When pro-gun writer J.D. Tucille visited a New York gun shop in 2014, the owner explained how he sells guns that get around a state ban."
    -- Washington Post, 2/22/2018

    "Libertarian author J.D. Tuccille has been predicting this kind of unpleasantness for some time. He recently dismissed the notion that President Trump — with his angry, confrontational style of politics — has made the situation worse."
    -- Couer D'Alene Press, 9/22/2017

    "From 'Are You Sure You Want Medicare for All?' by J.D. Tuccille in Reason"
    -- Tampa Bay Times, 9/15/2017

    "At CATO's fellow libertarian think tank, Reason Foundation, JD Tuccille points out that slashing spending has been done with success, including in Canada, which cut spending by 10 percent in the 1990s."
    -- Deseret News, 5/24/2017

    "Before news of the Comey memo broke, Mr. Tuccille wrote about the impossible expectations American voters have for the presidency."
    -- New York Times, 5/17/2017

    "For example, when Michigan adopted a right-to-work statute J.D. Tuccille wrote in Reason, a libertarian magazine, that 'I … consider the restrictions right-to-work laws impose on bargaining between unions and businesses to violate freedom of contract and association.'"
    -- People's World, 4/28/2017

    "Politically, Mr. Tuccille remained what his son called 'a borderline anarchist.'"
    -- New York Times, 2/24/2017

    "J.D. Tuccille explains how the black market for recreational marijuana in Colorado has continued to thrive despite legalization due to excessive state and local taxes and expensive regulatory requirements."
    -- Orange County Register, 2/10/2017

    "In a recent article published in Reason, J.D Tuccille wrote about how his experience going “semi-off-grid” in 2008 led him to reconsider his attachment to the mains, and begin a journey towards self-reliance that is still ongoing today."
    -- Off-Grid, 2/9/2017

    "You know you've hit middle age when you meet an attractive woman and you wonder if her mom is as good-looking as her — J.D. Tuccille."
    -- Huffington Post, 8/19/2016

    "J.D. Tuccille wrote, 'Many American families have opted out of institutional education of any sort, taking on the responsibility of teaching their own children.'"
    -- Townhall, 8/12/2016

    "J.D. Tuccille, writing at Reason.com, points out that a California law to register "assault rifles" (sic) in 1990 resulted in 7,000 registrations, out of an estimated 300,000 semiautomatic rifles in private hands. In New Jersey, out of more than 100,000 firearms affected, a similar law brought in 947 people who were target shooters, 888 who rendered their guns inoperable, and four who surrendered them to the police."
    -- Brattleboro Reformer, 7/14/2016

    "A congressional sit-in for gun control? Can we brick the place up and seal them in? -- J.D. Tuccille"
    -- The Federalist, 6/22/2016

    "Wendy Tuccille’s husband, J.D. Tuccille, also wrote about his wife’s experience in an opinion column titled, 'Ham-Handed Arrest at Pediatric Clinic Highlights Official War on the Powerless'"...
    -- Camp Verde Journal, 5/12/2016

    "J.D. Tuccille looks at this issue in an article for Reason. 'Peter Bofinger of the German Council of Economic Experts...wants to abolish the use of cash...'"
    -- Forbes, 12/28/2015

    "But, as Reason’s J D. Tuccille establishes today, such ideas are also anthema to many mental health professionals, who worry that 'individuals might avoid seeking help if they’re worried that treatment will end up as an entry in a government database,' and that 'so might the family and friends of troubled people who think a loved one needs care.'"
    -- National Review, 8/11/2015

    "'But if police are actually interested in the younger Jordan yet have nothing on him, the cops may well know what they're doing,' managing editor J.D. Tuccille wrote in a blog post. 'They may well be using the raids in search of a man they know to be dead in order to squeeze the real target of their interest.'"
    -- RT, 5/7/2014

    "Tuccille shot back, 'It’s tempting to say "what the fuck?" and take Chait’s argument as an exercise in self-congratulatory lunacy.'"
    -- New York Magazine, 4/24/2014

    "'Arizona is in the midst of one of its habitual tussles over pointless and stupid legislation intended to make some portion of the population feel unwelcome,' Reason’s J.D. Tuccille said. 'So Arizona lawmakers are basically just being homophobic pricks.'"
    -- The Federalist, 2/26/2014

    "As J.D. Tuccille points out in this Hit and Run article on non-compliance with the new Connecticut assault weapons registration law, the morons who wrote it evidently knew nothing of history."
    -- American Thinker, 2/19/2014

    "Reason's J.D. Tuccille says that the Washington Navy Yard has many of the restrictions gun-control advocates support."
    -- Wall Street Journal, 9/17/2013

    "J.D. Tuccille wrote on Reason.com about New York’s restrictive gun laws. Mr Tuccille’s own search for a legal permit became so frustrating and insulting that he ended up buying an AK-47 through connections. It was legal in much of the United States, but definitely illegal in his home State of New York. And it cost him about a third of the cost of a New York-legal pistol."
    -- Irish Daily Mail, 11/09/2012

    "Tuccille wrote, '[I]t's unlikely that conservatives will head to the Great White North in any substantial numbers. But it's worth knowing that Canada, far from being some two-dimensional pinko version of government-subsidized paradise, has more economic freedom than the nasty, uber-capitalist United States, in many ways.'"
    -- International Business Times, 11/09/2012

    "I'm with J.D. Tucille: 'Invoking Kafka tends to draw the oh-so-jaded cliché police, but it seems appropriate enough here.'"
    -- The Atlantic, 5/18/2012

    "The National Endowment for the Arts is soliciting art that is supportive of President Obama's policy agenda, including pieces around issues like health care, energy, education and community renewal, J.D. Tuccille wrote ..."
    -- Philanthropy Journal, 8/28/2009

    "She cites no figures but, through the power of the Internet, I found J.D. Tuccille's March column listing data from several sources. He cites a 2007 GAO study showing a compliance rate of 84% in the United States and two separate studies by Edward Christie and Mario Holzner for the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies."
    -- The Atlantic Council, 7/16/2009

    "[A] video makes good points, but it misses the fact that politicized government decisions already play a role in driving up the cost of private medical coverage, says J.D. Tuccille ..."
    -- National Center for Policy Analysis, 8/13/2009

    "We have a situation where our security apparatus – organisations like the NSA and also the FBI – are exercising warrantless wiretaps. They are operating these wiretap schemes outside of any sort of judicial review ..."
    -- Russia Today, 1/27/2009

    Cited as a source on reports that Rahm Emanuel, then President Obama's chief of staff, favored compulsory universal service.
    -- Overlawyered, 11/11/2008

    "'So, it won’t be the nasty federal government forcing your kids to donate their time to government-approved service, it’ll be the local schools – but that requirement will be among the strings attached to federal money,' Tuccille writes."
    -- WorldNetDaily, 11/8/2008

    "J.D. Tuccille recently had a dual review of Gene Healy's The Cult of the Presidency and Dana Nelson's Bad for Democracy in the DC Examiner. It's a great read, though the topic isn't exactly cheery ..."
    -- Reason, 10/17/2008

    "In other issues, not so directly related to technology, Biden sided with expanding government authority, writes J.D. Tuccille on the Civil Liberties Examiner ..."
    -- Information Week, 8/28/2008

    "Ehrenfeld is apparently under a British order to pay a fine, publish an apology, and destroy her books. But she recently won a U.S. court decision shielding her from that opinion. (Here’s a report on the legal state of play from J. D. Tuccille.)"
    -- National Review, 8/3/2007

    "The Disloyal Opposition blog brings up a similar incident at 'the Appalachian Law School, which ended when two armed students drew their weapons and disarmed the shooter.'"
    -- NPR, 4/16/2007

    "What I find remarkable about the CDC's obesity figures isn't that the federal government's Body Mass Index defines many professional athletes as overweight, and tens of millions of perfectly healthy Americans as exhibits in the Crisis of Obesity," libertarian columnist J.D. Tuccille told Health Care News. "After all, what are government officials to do to advance their careers if there's no crisis requiring their attention?"
    -- Health Care News, 5/1/2005

    "'Unexpected chinks are appearing in the once seemingly insurmountable legal wall the government has erected against marijuana,' writes J.D. Tuccille, a senior editor of The Henry Hazlitt Foundation's Free-Market.Net, in the Aug. 22 Review-Journal."
    -- Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/22/2002

    "Since Sept. 11, 'security personnel have been handed extraordinary power to frisk, search, check identities and conduct searches that would be problematic in the hands of saints,' said J. D. Tuccille ..."
    -- New York Times, 11/21/2001

    "'The kind of flag-waving that says you're either with us 100 percent or you're not with us at all is really not patriotism,' said Tuccille."
    -- Spokane Spokesman-Review, 10/23/2001

    "As the writer J.D. Tuccille once noted: 'It's hard to offer any realistic assurances of safety to a country whose president's face and national flag are pinned to half the dart boards in the world.'"
    -- Tulsa World, 9/23/2001

    "'I don’t think there’s been any debate yet about whether these measures will protect anyone,' said J.D. Tuccille of the Henry Hazlitt Foundation, addressing the haste in which the Justice Department and Congress have conducted the push for anti-terrorist legislation."
    -- WorldNetDaily, 9/20/2001

    "'That's unlikely to deter trained, determined and suicidal terrorists, but it will further subject innocent Americans to arbitrary power,' said J.D. Tucille, a writer and editor in Arizona who focuses on civil liberties."
    -- Wired, 9/13/2001

    "'The problem is when tests like this become a crutch, as in a daily use,' Tuccille said. 'That's when we're not really counting on people to act as responsible human beings. We're replacing trust with a technological crutch.'"
    -- Wired, 2/9/2001

    "'On Dec. 17, 1997, federal drug and tax agents raided McWilliams' home and offices ... ' according to J.D. Tuccille of Freedom Network News."
    -- Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/25/2000

    "'What it boils down to is that the Net favors freedom,' says Tuccille. 'By empowering individuals, making communication easier and easing the dissemination of information, the Net bypasses political and media gatekeepers and advances the cause of personal liberty.'
    -- Salon, 4/1998

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