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"A statesman is a dead politician. Lord knows we need more statemen." — Opus
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  • To the extent that I am notable and quotable, here are a few nods in my direction.

    "The National Endowment for the Arts is soliciting art that is supportive of President Obama's policy agenda, including pieces around issues like health care, energy, education and community renewal, J.D. Tuccille wrote ..."
    -- Philanthropy Journal, 8/28/2009

    "She cites no figures but, through the power of the Internet, I found J.D. Tuccille's March column listing data from several sources. He cites a 2007 GAO study showing a compliance rate of 84% in the United States and two separate studies by Edward Christie and Mario Holzner for the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies."
    -- The Atlantic Council, 7/16/2009

    "[A] video makes good points, but it misses the fact that politicized government decisions already play a role in driving up the cost of private medical coverage, says J.D. Tuccille ..."
    -- National Center for Policy Analysis, 8/13/2009

    "We have a situation where our security apparatus – organisations like the NSA and also the FBI – are exercising warrantless wiretaps. They are operating these wiretap schemes outside of any sort of judicial review ..."
    -- Russia Today, 1/27/2009

    Cited as a source on reports that Rahm Emanuel, then President Obama's chief of staff, favored compulsory universal service.
    -- Overlawyered, 11/11/2008

    "'So, it won’t be the nasty federal government forcing your kids to donate their time to government-approved service, it’ll be the local schools – but that requirement will be among the strings attached to federal money,' Tuccille writes."
    -- WorldNetDaily, 11/8/2008

    "J.D. Tuccille recently had a dual review of Gene Healy's The Cult of the Presidency and Dana Nelson's Bad for Democracy in the DC Examiner. It's a great read, though the topic isn't exactly cheery ..."
    -- Reason, 10/17/2008

    "In other issues, not so directly related to technology, Biden sided with expanding government authority, writes J.D. Tuccille on the Civil Liberties Examiner ..."
    -- Information Week, 8/28/2008

    "Ehrenfeld is apparently under a British order to pay a fine, publish an apology, and destroy her books. But she recently won a U.S. court decision shielding her from that opinion. (Here’s a report on the legal state of play from J. D. Tuccille.)"
    -- National Review, 8/3/2007

    "The Disloyal Opposition blog brings up a similar incident at 'the Appalachian Law School, which ended when two armed students drew their weapons and disarmed the shooter.'"
    -- NPR, 4/16/2007

    "What I find remarkable about the CDC's obesity figures isn't that the federal government's Body Mass Index defines many professional athletes as overweight, and tens of millions of perfectly healthy Americans as exhibits in the Crisis of Obesity," libertarian columnist J.D. Tuccille told Health Care News. "After all, what are government officials to do to advance their careers if there's no crisis requiring their attention?"
    -- Health Care News, 5/1/2005

    "'Unexpected chinks are appearing in the once seemingly insurmountable legal wall the government has erected against marijuana,' writes J.D. Tuccille, a senior editor of The Henry Hazlitt Foundation's Free-Market.Net, in the Aug. 22 Review-Journal."
    -- Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/22/2002

    "Since Sept. 11, 'security personnel have been handed extraordinary power to frisk, search, check identities and conduct searches that would be problematic in the hands of saints,' said J. D. Tuccille ..."
    -- New York Times, 11/21/2001

    "'The kind of flag-waving that says you're either with us 100 percent or you're not with us at all is really not patriotism,' said Tuccille."
    -- Spokane Spokesman-Review, 10/23/2001

    "As the writer J.D. Tuccille once noted: 'It's hard to offer any realistic assurances of safety to a country whose president's face and national flag are pinned to half the dart boards in the world.'"
    -- Tulsa World, 9/23/2001

    "'I don’t think there’s been any debate yet about whether these measures will protect anyone,' said J.D. Tuccille of the Henry Hazlitt Foundation, addressing the haste in which the Justice Department and Congress have conducted the push for anti-terrorist legislation."
    -- WorldNetDaily, 9/20/2001

    "'That's unlikely to deter trained, determined and suicidal terrorists, but it will further subject innocent Americans to arbitrary power,' said J.D. Tucille, a writer and editor in Arizona who focuses on civil liberties."
    -- Wired, 9/13/2001

    "'The problem is when tests like this become a crutch, as in a daily use,' Tuccille said. 'That's when we're not really counting on people to act as responsible human beings. We're replacing trust with a technological crutch.'"
    -- Wired, 2/9/2001

    "'On Dec. 17, 1997, federal drug and tax agents raided McWilliams' home and offices ... ' according to J.D. Tuccille of Freedom Network News."
    -- Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/25/2000

    "'What it boils down to is that the Net favors freedom,' says Tuccille. 'By empowering individuals, making communication easier and easing the dissemination of information, the Net bypasses political and media gatekeepers and advances the cause of personal liberty.'
    -- Salon, 4/1998

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