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Still disloyal after all these years

In restarting this blog on a new platform, I briefly thought of altering the name — perhaps to a cutesy play on the original title. How does “Disloyaler Opposition” sound to you?

Yeah, I thought that sucked, too.

Anyway, it’s still “Disloyal Opposition” because it’s the same damned repository for my shiraz-addled thoughts as ever, only now published through WordPress instead of the increasingly annoying Blogger, which has now ceased FTP service.

Interestingly, after putting off the switch-over until almost the very last minute, I found WordPress pretty easy to install and use. I’ll admit that I’m not attempting to migrate any old posts — if you want to peruse them, they’re still available at the old blog, which will remain up indefinitely.

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  • Hey, welcome to the fold! I made the switch last fall, and after the initial learning curve, I’ve found it to be much easier – plus the software has some added bells and whistles. And I’d check out moving your old blog posts over. If I think it was quick and easy, you’ll have no problem.

  • i think you’re choice on the “disloyaler” thing was a good call. i can’t even pronounce it mentally. and the fact that the voice in my head can’t say it either amuses me. after enduring all that we have here, especially here lately, bombings, 9/11, the wars, politicians, the economy, bailouts, aliens legal and otherwise, drug cartels, the patriot act along with your complimentary dept. of homeland security, nonexistent solar and wind power, the dea, the atf, the irs, healthcare and caps and trades for everyone, the joy behar show, and now to have british petroleum (can’t even be a gd us company) spewing 5,000 barrels per day of oil icing atop our cake i’d say, well, i’d say if i ever did get me a website i’d name it “we’re all fucked .com” it rolls off the tongue and the voice in my head can say it too.

  • Prettypalomino

    May 1, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    At least the subject survived. Here in S.W. Ut. we had a similar incident where a depressed man was threatening suicide and the local police were called, in the ensuing encounter one of the local officers decided it would be a good idea to shoot the suspect with a taser while he was holding the gun to his head. It was reported in our local rag as a suicide.

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