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Defend the culture? Which culture?

Over at When Falls the Coliseum, I have a personal take on the immigration wars, and on what’s worth defending — and what isn’t.

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  • Well said, J.D.! Your take on the snowbird attitude toward “brown people” is exactly right, an attitude that can best be summed up as “Clean my house, fix my roof, tend my garden, and cook my fast food for the handful of pennies I choose to give you for doing it, but don’t you DARE be seen or heard in public or ask to be treated like a human being!” (As an aside, I’m personally MUCH more annoyed with and inconvenienced by whining, arrogant, nasty, demanding snowbirds who contribute little or nothing to their communities than I am by any “illegal immigrants”, with whom most of my personal dealings have been pleasant and mutually profitable and who actually WORK for a living to provide people with goods and services they want at a MARKET [read: non-government-dictated] price.)

    I took Chuck Baldwin to task on this issue last week after reading his “Arizona Has It Right” editorial (you can check it out here, if you have the stomach for it), a stereotypically “nativist” screed that essentially blames “illegals” for overwhelming and bankrupting all of those “public services” that Baldwin routinely (and correctly) decries as unconstitutional in all of this other works. Now I certainly don’t expect Baldwin to heed the libertarian chiding of my response, much less read it at all, but it simply amazes me how so many non-Arizonans, most of whom have never set foot in this state and know nothing whatsoever about its socioeconomic makeup, seem to know what’s “best” for us or to know WHO is “best” to “govern” us (Baldwin’s support of “America’s Most Notorious Sheriff” solely because of his stance on “illegal” immigrants, and despite the fact that said sheriff is America’s greatest and most consistent Constitution-trampler is simply unforgivable.)

    Anyway, after nearly five years in Arizona it’s beginning to look like I’ll have no choice but to plan an exit myself sometime in the next couple of years, probably returning to a part of the country I have no love for, for reasons mostly unrelated to the current immigration fiasco here. Economically, this state can be described at best as a “basket case,” one largely of its own making and which the neo-Know-Nothing hysteria will only exacerbate. While I still hold some hope that the silver lining in all of this is that Arizonans will quickly realize the “unintended (?) consequences” of this fascist anti-immigration law and experience a change in attitude accordingly, it seems that the Sonora Desert soil hasn’t exactly been fertile ground for planting the seeds of liberty. Only time will tell, but so far I’m not seeing grounds for being optimistic about a bountiful harvest.

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