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Congressman assaults questioner

Don’t get above yourself and think you can pose questions to your rulers — not unless you want a smackdown. See Congressman Bob Etheridge in action on the streets of Washington, D.C., grabbing a young interviewer by the arm and then by the neck.

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  • This man will walk free. The same cannot be said for the student had he decided to defend himself.

    And for more blood-pressure raising commentary, read the comment in the YouTube page. People are aghast that the young man had the audacity to question the Congressman and had what was coming to him!

    With that kind of belief amongst people who can vote, what hope do we have?

  • I hope that kid has the guts to file charges against Etheridge for assault and battery. He has video proof of the crime. There is no way in hell that we would not be jailed if you or I behaved like this.

  • That kid was far too forgiving. Had it been me in his shoes, that piece of shit excuse for a congresscreature would have wound up on the sidewalk a bloody, comatose mess!

  • I think it’s not the end of the story. I will be surprised if the kid won’t be arrested soon for assault on the congressman.

  • Vadim: That’s probably why the student hasn’t pressed charges. “All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.”

  • Supposedly Congresscreature Etheridge has “publicly apologized” for his behavior. A wise person would remain skeptical of any such claim; this sounds like a professional pol engaged in “damage control.” If he were really serious about wanting to atone for his inexcusable behavior, he’d turn himself to the D.C. police and let himself be arraigned on misdemeanor assault charges. Of course there is about as much change of THAT happening as there is of Barack Obama seeing the libertarian light.

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