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UK greenies apparently suffering from massive brain tumors

At least, that’s the only way I can explain this completely insane propaganda piece intended to pressure people to reduce their carbon emissions:

Let me know if the embed goes dead, since there’s reportedly a huge CYA effort underway in response to the collective puking that met this film.

Note: In case the video is disabled, this is a seriously intended video, partially funded by the British taxpayers. It features Gillian Anderson (the most recognizable face to Americans) and starts with schoolchildren being urged to slash their carbon footprint by 10%, with those who decline being blown up on the spot, splattering their guts on their classmates. Yes, really.

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  • Nothing emanating from that open-air insane asylum off the northwest coast of Continental Europe should come as any surprise. As Will Grigg has remarked on several occasions on his radio program, it’s a shame that there is only one ocean separating North America from the British Isles. Were that the case, it might take more than the handful of months or years that it now takes for the lunacy outbreaks originating on those islands to “cross the pond.”

  • “At least, that’s the only way I can explain this”

    You’ve obviously never watched any Monty Python, then. And the creators of the thing obviously have.

  • Oh, I’m a long-time Python fan, Tom. And I’m aware that Richard Curtis — the mastermind of this video — has excellent absurdist comedy credentials. But this video works only in the context of mocking environmentalists as totalitarians intolerant of dissent. If done that way, it’s heavy-handed humor. But this was meant to support a specific environmentalist cause — the reduction of the so-called carbon footprint — and it’s sparked a massive backlash against that cause and the organization that created the video in the country that brought us “something completely different.” That Curtis and company didn’t foresee that outcome is … well … nuts.

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