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You prefer a pat-down to the electronic strip search? We’ll see about that

Enough people are objecting to the backscatter body scanners at airports that the TSA is finally reacting — by making pat-downs so much more intrusive that you’ll actually prefer to show TSA agents your private parts. From The Atlantic:

At BWI, I told the officer who directed me to the back-scatter that I preferred a pat-down. I did this in order to see how effective the manual search would be. When I made this request, a number of TSA officers, to my surprise, began laughing. I asked why. One of them — the one who would eventually conduct my pat-down — said that the rules were changing shortly, and that I would soon understand why the back-scatter was preferable to the manual search.

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  • The scanner is simple and fast and non-invasive- unlike a pat-down which is time consuming, uncomfortable and unnecessary when we have scanning equipment. The scanner is not exactly a pornographic film; I don’t know why people would object to it. I will opt for that anytime. Simply my opinion!

  • I think everyone who is forced to fly because there is no other reasonable alternative has had just about enough of the T(otally) S(tupid) A(ssholes) and their Gestapo bullying. While even a year ago those who heard my call for a nationwide boycott of air travel until the airlines stop this nonsense labeled such a call absurd, I’m hearing more and more people, event those who are statists to the core, saying that enough is enough! Let the airlines suffer for just ONE WEEK without passengers, and I guarantee you that they’ll be putting the thumbscrews to the bought-and-paid-for bitches on Crapitol Hill to call off the dogs!

  • When TSA feels me up, I will file a lawsuit and try to find a police officer to arrest the TSA moron/goon for sexual assault. Will Americans non-violently fight back and stop being sheeple?

  • @Carol: The issue with the scanners is that they have not been proven to be safe and the images are nowhere near as secure as the Ministry of Homeland Security says they are.

  • We can thank the reaction, no make that OVER Reaction to Flight 800 in 96 for billions of more dollars being spend on TSA crap.

    Add to that a cry for them all to become FEDERAL employees and no long the 8 buck an hour lacky’s they still are, ( with pay increases and benefits to boot). Thanks MSM media caused panic for the expenditures.

    The same group can be thanked, but not held responsible, for what we face today. Take a picture or cop a feel, style of so called security.

    Forget any security about your close to full color nakid pics, they are not. But such really don’t matter as they will soon be using them to identify perps with penile warts or malformed labia for courtroom ID, based upon your texting some other 12 year old for good old fashioned pubescent, new technology fun. Convictions for misidentification will follow.

    So select the cop a feel,,,,, the overpaid underclass gits a three minute thrill, but will soon be muted because they will be doing the same thing to hundreds a day. So you learn that once again, you are NOT the ONE, just another one. Sad I know.

    Avoid such, just don’t fly…. EVER!!! Unless you can find a private means to do so. It’s been said so before, vote with dollars, it is the quickest solution to all problems.

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