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TSA pervs get no love

First, let’s acknowledge that the Transportation Security Administration isn’t really the problem. Or rather, it’s not the source of the problem. The TSA goons are just good Germans, following orders issued from up above by politicians and high-level bureaucrats who get hard-ons from the very thought of wielding power over the rest of the human race, and who often wield that power as intrusively as possible just to be perceived as “doing something” to protect the sheep from the panic of the moment.

But you have to start somewhere. So I sent the following email to the TSA:

Dear TSA Goons,

Fuck you very much. Yes, I understand that you didn’t set in place the policies that have set us on the road to a police state — that was the un-American, control-freak politicians who have exploited fear to enhance their own power and erode our liberty. But you have happily taken and held jobs that involve incursions into individual rights and privacy. That’s evil. You and the government behind you are worse enemies of America than Osama Bin Laden ever has been. I look forward to the day that the bunch of you are once again unemployed and back to peeking through bathroom windows to satisfy your urges.

Happy Holidays!

I added the “happy holidays” just so there wouldn’t be any hard feelings. They mean well — or so I’m told of the kind folks who threatened John Tyner with a lawsuit and hefty fine for leaving the security folks so unfulfilled with his gropus interruptus. After all, they did back off (sort of) after a wave of international ridicule made them look like petulant thugs.

Anyway, Tyner threatened to have the TSA pervs arrested if they touched his junk, and at least one California DA — Steve Wagstaffe in San Mateo County — appears willing to make good on that threat. Rep. Ron Paul has now introduced a bill intended to insure that all the usual laws against groping, frottage and making lewd images of other people apply to TSA agents to the same extent as to the rest of us, so they couldn’t claim immunity.

Fair is fair!

I’m still waiting to see how this all shakes out. For Christmas, my family will be driving eight hours rather than going anywhere near a TSA checkpoint. Not only am I not looking forward to a scope-or-grope encounter, I’m also not all that eager to find out how my email has been received by a gang of over-powerful bureaucrats with a history of thin skins.

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  • Nice email, J.D. They need to be flooded with many more such.

    Ladies and gentlemen, STAY HOME for the holidays if you cannot drive, swim, take AMTRAK/Greyhound/Trailways, hitchhike, or hop a freighter or freight train to your destination. DO NOT FLY! Let the nation’s airports be abandoned ghost towns next week, and for the month of December thereafter!

    As I stated over on KM’s Stop TSA Scanners blog, the only long-term and permanent way to stop the TSA dead in its tracks (and ultimately get rid of it altogether) is to privatize all of the nation’s airports and let the decisions concerning how thoroughly or often to screen passengers, of whether or not to do it all, fall to the airlines who are customers of the privatized airport, or to the airports themselves. Of course these decisions, and the policies and procedures resulting from them, would ultimately be decided by the paying traveling public itself.

  • The TSA’s new Program to Examine Random Voyagers (PERV) attracted a lot of slimy characters to work for them – SHOCKING story at:


    Peace! 🙂

  • But Al, aren’t ALL government agencies magnets for “slimy characters?” :)~

  • Time to seek out and utilize air travel options not affected by TSA B.S. — things like charter, local private pilots, small regional airlines that have structured their ops to avoid as much Federal B.S. as possible, etc… .

    NOTE: Local private pilots can offer suprisingly affordable options and even private charter can be very affordable when done in groups. Another option (if you fly alot) is to get together with a local private pilot, and some friends, and set up a group ownership arrangement of an aircraft that meets most of the group’s needs. Some recommended, affordable, capable aircraft: cessna 206, cessna 210, cessna caravan, king air 100, and the king air 200 (most, especially non-aviator types, will be happiest with the caravan and king air aircraft).

  • Boycott Flying COMPLETELY, until sanity returns! Please join us: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boycott-Flying/126801010710392

  • Don’t like the US government fabricated fear and/or “security theater”? Don’t like the threat by TSA of police custody (arrest) and $11,000 in fines for refusing scanners and enhanced patdowns?

    When large numbers of people take fewer flights (or none at all), the airlines will be motivated to make their own waves with the federal government – diminishing revenues make a big difference. And of course the process will necessarily need to include open discussion of the *reasons* for why flights into certain areas may carry with them more risk – why travel to/within the USA has more potential for “terrorist activity” than, for instance, to/within Switzerland (when not from USA). I don’t think there are terrorists out to wreak havoc on the Swiss people… their government hasn’t been out dictating to and/or invading most of the rest of the world. Instead, the US government has made itself “al-Qaeda’s top recruiter”.

    My recommended current measures for those traveling:
    – Fly commercial airlines *only* when absolutely necessary for physical presence quickly;
    – If flying commercial for essential time critical reason – loudly proclaim objection to search/scan measures & complying *only* because of necessary flight or the coercion of the TSA’s threats of arrest & fines if you leave the airport at that point;
    – Publicize why not flying;
    – Take notes and/or record interactions with TSA if flying and publicize;
    – Do not voluntarily associate with TSA agents – negative Social Preferencing;
    – Publicize names and photos of TSA agents so that others can negatively Social Preference (TSA cannot operate as currently if very few individuals are willing to scan/grope);
    – Be identifiable in all the above publicizing since anonymity does *not* engender highest level of support from others.

    Suggestions for non airlines flying options such as private pilots/flying clubs/charters can be very useful – and hopefully will be expanded by group(s) coordinating private pilots/charters and prospective passengers.

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