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If you don’t like it, don’t fly

The police-state fan boys are quick to tell us that if we don’t like the new and ever-more intrusive security measures at airports, we should just stay on the ground. What they don’t add is that the be-gloved objects of their crushes aren’t content to confine their peeping and groping to the realm of air travel — they want to take the show on the road. Check out the news report below on a checkpoint set up at a Tampa Greyhound bus station by TSA, Border Patrol and local police.

I’ve been stopped at Border Patrol checkpoints within that magic 100-mile Constitution-free zone that runs around the perimeter of the United States, so I suspect that the same Constitutional leeway is being used to justify the Tampa incident — meaning that you might not (yet) encounter such checkpoints in the heartland. But does anybody doubt that it’s only a matter of time?

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  • If this doesn’t wake the sheeple up, nothing will.

  • And could the news report be any more fawning about the program? “I feel safe that my bus
    won’t blow up.” Where’s they dig up that guy and was that even remotely likely?

    Sounds like this program is really about drugs and cash smuggling, not terrorists. It would have
    been nice if they tried clarifying that point.

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