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Elegy for Peter McWilliams

Persuading people of the value of freedom can sometimes be surprisingly difficult. Those of us who favor freedom are habitually painted as selfish when we demand liberty for ourselves, and (bizarrely) callous when we insist on it for others. So let us never forget Peter McWilliams, an author and advocate who had a talent for framing freedom in terms of compassion and aspiration.

I remember covering McWilliams’s death for Free-Market.Net in 2000 when he succumbed to AIDS and cancer — and to the denial to him by authorities, under threat of the loss of his mother’s home, of the medical marijuana that he was using to control the side-effects of his medication.

Now, a talented (but anonymous) singer-songwriter and curator of the online Peter McWilliams Museum has produced a video tribute to McWilliams that effectively captures the man’s spirit.

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  • Nice post. Peter’s work, especially Love 101, has helped me live more fully and be more emotionally available to both myself and others. Blessings. Gina

  • Thanks for this Blog – We, Peter’s Fans are all so happy that you could also help us to propagate Peter’s legacy. We thank Julia Rose for being what she is…. Peter’s Angel!

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