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Light ’em up, desert rats

Contrary to early claims that Arizona voters had rejected a medical marijuana initiative, state voters appear poised to approve legal use of the weed yet again (third time is the charm!). As early and provisional ballots finally get tallied, Prop. 203, the latest medical marijuana initiative, is sliding from narrowly defeated to narrowly approved.

The latest count has the measure ahead by about 4,400 votes, with little chance for the antis to make up the difference.

What’s that I smell in the air? It must be victory.

Oh hell no. It’s the sweet smell of weed.

Next stop, sniff, is cocaine.

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  • Of course we can count on certain self-serving, pseudo-moral fascists bearing the title “sheriff” in certain counties of this benighted state to take a “to hell with the voters and what they want” attitude and launch all-out war on those who dispense or partake of medical marijuana. Indeed, I even foresee one very prominent self-serving hypocrite masquerading as sheriff of this state’s most populous county enlisting the aid of the very feds to whom he has been “flipping the bird” recently to fight his incipient anti-marijuana war.

    Oh, the irony and the hypocrisy! This state, populated by some of the most chronic substance abusers in the nation, voting by the narrowest of margins to legalize what so many of them do in the privacy of their own hovels. Or could this be a “subsidize your dealer” move that would keep the resale price of weed at above free-market value, thus sustaining an underground economy from which so many residents of the Grand Canyon State profit?

    Only in Arizona…

  • Check out their web site where they say “TSA is a counterterrorism agency”. How ridiculous. You can be working in McDonalds one week and Jack Bauer the next. The other day at my local commuter station (not Amtrak) there was a man with a jacket on that said “TSA Inspector”. How long till they start patting people down in order to board a train? He must have been proud of that “Inspector” jacket… presumably to make Inspector in the TSA you need to be able to read.

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