J.D. Tuccille decided early on that he would take a “Time’s Arrow” approach to his writing career by starting with the high-profile triumphs and then writing for ever-more-obscure outlets for diminishing compensation. Having discovered that nobody knows what in Hell he means by “Time’s Arrow,” he now refers to it as a “Benjamin Button” strategy — usually in blog posts tapped out free of charge.

Which is to say, his scheme is working.

Tuccille was once almost a lawyer, but managed to escape that potentially lucrative fate by running up the tuition bills without actually earning the law degree. He then participated in the dot-com boom, cashing in just enough wildly inflated stock options to pay off the law school bills, with lunch money to spare.

Despite his best efforts at self-marginalization, Tuccille has developed something of a reputation as a minor authority on issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with the subject matter of this blog. Which is to say, he’s now abandoned all credibility and ventured outside his area of expertise.

These days, aware of the limitations of his judgment, Tuccille lives safely out of harm’s way, down a dirt road in a rural Arizona community with his very patient wife and son, two dogs, and a mountain bike. To their credit, the locals consider him more odd than amusing.

Contact me: jd (at) tuccille (dot) com

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