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As I mentioned last year, Anthony now attends a private high school that suits his intellect and his interests and immerses him in an environment filled with kids much like him. We’re very happy with the experience so far–the kids want to learn, the teachers want to help them learn, and the facilities are top-notch. […]

Holidays in a house of dissent

There’s nothing like Christmas to highlight religious differences in a family. On Christmas Eve, which already seems much longer ago than the crate of not-yet-stored decorations on my office floor suggests, my wife, sister and mother shuttled Tony and his cousins off to church. After they trekked off, my father, brother-in-law and I settled down […]

There’s only so much energy to spare

If I’m not posting on this blog as often as I’d like, it’s only because I’ve discovered how remarkably little can be accomplished in the brief time between dropping your kid off at kindergarten after breakfast and picking him up in time for lunch — especially since I insist on a regular exercise regimen. In […]

A-wandering I shall go

I’ll be on the East Coast until the end of the month, escaping the desert heat by stepping into a swamp. I plan to post while I’m on the road, but I’ll be on a whenever-it-happens schedule. This also means that I may be a bit slow to approve comments. Be patient. I’ll soon be […]

From childless bachelor to primary caregiver, in 1,000 ill-considered steps

I’m not really sure how I ended up here. Ten years ago, I was a confirmed bachelor, professional writer and editor, and footloose child- … well, not hater, but disliker, or maybe just indifferenter. Now, I’m a husband, the cook, “freelance” (read: unemployed but willing to earn a buck), and not just a father, but […]

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