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The friendly skies

Whatever could delay a scheduled flight for over an hour? Could it be engine trouble? Or a sick pilot? Or perhaps . . . a broken latch on a seat-back tray? Yes, really. On a US Air flight (really Mesa Air — flying commuter flights under the livery of other airlines and giving them a […]

Big ears, big nose, big hassle

At least, that’s my initial reaction to the family’s upcoming trip to Disneyland. Yes, I know that I’m the dad, and if I so dread a journey to the Magic Kingdom, then I have nobody to blame but myself. But the fact is that we get to punch three tickets on this trip: We take […]

Is it better to have vacationed and hated it than to never have vacationed at all?

Vacations … How can something so simple become so goddamned complicated? Oh yeah. We had a kid. Once upon a time, vacations were easy. Before meeting my wife, I’d traveled across Europe, living out of a shoulder bag. I partied my way through the Bahamas, and engaged the local cops in a medium-speed car chase […]

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