Kindergarten commences

Tony started kindergarten last week, which partially explains my disappearance of late. Actually, last week was optional kindergarten “camp,” during which his teacher had the students come in before school officially started, to get them accustomed to the facilities and the routine before the big kids arrived and completely freaked them out — a scheme that seems to have worked, since the little beastie worked through his usual social shakes and extreme shyness in the first few days.

This week, Tony is doing fine — better than his dad, who is trying to figure out just how to manage his new schedule. With roughly three hours between dropping Tony off and picking him up, I’m finding much of the AM consumed by my compulsive workouts. Yes, I’m a bit of a body nazi, and I’m not giving that up. Let’s call it therapy.

Afternoons … Well, I’m trying to not settle into too much of a routine.  I want to leave days flexible so we can have fun and explore whatever comes our way — or just get chores done, such as weeding when the tumbleweeds threaten to engulf the house. Yesterday, we started out just running the dogs, but diverted from our usual route to eyeball the 800-years-old stone ruins of an Indian village that occupy a hill not far from our house. That led to a discussion about why the Sinagua Indians disappeared and where they probably went.  I’m a bit of a lost civilizations buff myself, and I see the glimmerings of that in Tony, in addition to curiosity about this particular set of ruins and the people who once lived there.

Today is different — a drive up to Flagstaff to have lunch with a buddy of mine. Of course it’s educational — Tony will be learning the value of chatting with friends over a glass of wine. I don’t want him to be a workaholic, y’know.

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