New Developments In Our Educational Adventure

Well, our long educational adventure soon takes another interesting, and very welcome, turn. A few months ago, we found out about the Gary K. Herberger Young Scholars Academy, a private middle and high school associated with Arizona State University. Herberger uses the Cambridge curriculum, and offers a challenging deep-dive into sciences and humanities alike. We liked what we discovered, and felt a little daunted by the prospect of keeping him engaged through high school. So we applied for the 2019/20 school year–an interesting process when your son’s application is heavy on homeschooling samples and light on traditional transcripts.
But that makes him the sort of kid who goes to Herberger. Some of the teachers homeschool their own kids. They must have liked what they saw, since they offered him a spot in the 9th grade–right now.
Herberger is 100 miles away, and Anthony turns 13 on Friday; we need a little more time. Fortunately, they had no issues with that, and shifted his acceptance to the 2019/20 school year that we’d originally envisioned. That gives Anthony time to finish up some already-in-progress classes, go through black-belt training, prepare for high school, and, oh yeah, for us to find a place to rent down in the valley. Anthony and I will stay there during the week while he attends class, and come back to Cottonwood on weekends.
The adventure continues.

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